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Located just outside the busy area of Princeton and McKinney on HWY 380 is Cedar Hollow Winery and Vineyard.  The 16 acre property is situated on what was a 100 years ago a deep creek bed fed by an underground spring.  Over the century the creek bed was filled in by erosion despite the efforts of the former owners who farmed this land in cotton and onions.  Concrete walls were erected in the creek bed about 100 feet apart.  Some of these walls are still visible at the back of the property and across the county road where the spring is.  We have created a series of ponds along the old creek bed to capture the water which will provide for irrigation of our vineyards.  They also visited by many species of waterfowl. 

A visit to this winery is a unique experience, as it provides a rare insight into the engine room from a wine making perspective.  We employ the purest form of traditional country wine making technique in our process and it yields amazing results.  

Tasting Room

Our tasting room is rustic and cozy.  We also have a large outdoor patio space to enjoy.



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